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This beautiful boy was brought to the local shelter after being found running very scared in a park. Sadly, it seems no owner was looking for him, so DUNCAN ended up being at the shelter for a while. He completely shut down and was not doing well or showing well to potential adopters. We were asked by shelter staff to help him and were happy to do so!
DUNCAN is approximately 3 yrs of age, about 55-60 lbs. He looks to be mostly Boxer mixed with ??
Due to his lack of exposure to many everyday things, loud noises, bustling activity, and even some normal household activities such as sweeping, using the pooper scooper, moving furniture etc is scary and he will either go try to hide, or back away until he contemplates whether he can stay or if he needs to flee. He does get better with repeat exposure and positive experiences, but he is definitely a work in progress and will need continued exposure to different situations and ongoing socialization.
DUNCAN is crate trained, and seems to be mostly housetrained.
He is not interested too much in toys yet, but has offered a few attempts to grab at a rope toy and picked up a stuffy! Small steps!
DUNCAN has been great with meeting other dogs. He likes being around the other dogs and has been gaining some confidence being with another outgoing dog. We’ve seen him engage in play only a couple of times, and seems content to just be able to hang out in the presence of the others dogs.
DUNCAN has not been cat tested yet.
Due to his lack of exposure, DUNCAN needs an adult only home with a quieter atmosphere. His family will need to have the time to work with him and be diligent in continuing with his socialization and confidence building.
We feel having another social and confident dog in the home will be a huge plus for him.

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