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CAYDEN has been through so much in his short life of 2 yrs and through so much rehabilitation and medical care since December 2019 when he came to us. It has been a long road to get CAYDEN healthy and looking and feeling like the regal dog he is, and through all the this, he has been the kindest, sweetest and simply the most AMAZING dog ever. We have cried over his past and can never comprehend how someone could have done this to him, but we are always amazed at the heart and loyatly of this wonderful boy. HE IS TRULY A SPECIAL DOG....and will need a VERY SPECIAL FAMILY.

As stated in his 'special needs section' CAYDEN has megaesophagus, although very controllable, it is a lifelong condition. He also has some kidney disease due to the length of time (his whole short life) that he was not diagnosed with the ME and throwing up any of the little bit of food he received, so he literally was starving. CAYDEN has been eating a prescription diet of Hill's K/D and is doing remarkably well. His kidney levels will need continued monitoring.

Now you know about his past and his medical, let us tell you about our wonderful boy!! He is a LOVE BUG!! He loves people (even after how horrible people were to him) which is a true testament of his personality and disposition. He is calm, and happy to hang out with you. He is playful too and is fine with other dogs.

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