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BEANS is the smooth coated brother to Frank. (We believe to be a terrier mix), As of 4/9/24 he is approximately 14 weeks of age. BEANS has the cutest little prance that we guarantee will make you smile! He is a bit more on the timid side, warms up quickly, although loving his humans is a little more on his terms. Being held/carried in your arms is tolerated, even though it's out of his comfort zone...but he loves being a lap dog!! Go figure!
BEANS is good with smaller dogs, cats and kids over 6 yrs of age. He is crate trained and is doing well with his potty training. He consistently uses a pee pad when he doesn't have access to outside.
Puppies require lots of time, attention, patience, commitment and consistency in training and routine. Please consider these things when applying to adopt.

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